New Book for my Wish List: The Memory Weaver by Jane Kirkpatrick

A friend texted me recently in her excitement over a favorite author’s speaking engagement in the Portland, Oregon area.  She told me all about how the author, Jane Kirkpatrick, was a social worker and now takes true stories from history and writes wonderful and touching works of fiction.  I thought the name sounded familiar, and was surprised to find that I had already added her 2014 novel, A Light in the Wilderness, to my to-read shelf on GoodReads. 

Yesterday, my friend texted me again about how thrilled she had been to actually meet Jane Kirkpatrick and to let me know that an author appearance and book signing is scheduled at a nearby Powell’s Bookstore soon after the September 1st release of The Memory Weaver.  Having had such a good experience at the last Powell’s event I attended (steampunk crowds are always so friendly, and Gail Carriger was just as wonderful in person as I thought she would be), I decided to take another look at the description of this book.  Now I need it.

Historical Fiction based on true events and a main character who was one of the young hostages held by the Cayuse Indians after their raid on the Whitman Mission?  Yes, please!  It has probably been two decades since I visited the site of the Whitman Massacre, but memories were immediately triggered when I read the book’s synopsis.  And then there is this absolutely lovely book trailer:

At this point, I am planning to attend the Powell’s event in September and purchase a copy of The Memory Weaver, but I am also cautious about committing a substantial part of my monthly book budget (which is currently set at “as little as possible”) to a new-to-me author.  So now I am waiting to hear back about my request for a copy through NetGalley, not that I need yet another review ebook to read but because I just can’t wait for September.  And once I do, I really need to stop requesting…

Have you read any of Jane Kirkpatrick’s books?  If so, what did you think of her writing?  Which of her books would you recommend?

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