Blogging 101 Day One: Introduce Yourself to the World

Hi there!  My name is Yvette and I love reading and sharing about books.  I began posting reviews on GoodReads in 2013, and later on booklikes (I was just going to try it out, to compare the two, and now I can’t seem to give either up), partly because I missed the book related interaction I had with students when I was an elementary school teacher.  I found that the interaction, however, was limited (and that groups with reading schedules don’t suit me) and I felt a growing desire to have a space for my book reviews that felt more like it was my own.

I was living in my sister’s guest room, waiting to be given the closing date for my new condo, when I decided to stop wishing I knew how to blog and just start one.  So I signed up on WordPress and published my first post soon after.

The majority of my posts, so far, have been book reviews.  There have been a few posts on book related topics, and I will continue to include these kinds of bookish thinking posts.  Though most of my posts have been about fiction books, I want to expand this to include explorations of cookbooks, craft/hobby books, and other topics.

I’ve dreamed of being an author since I was quite young, and someday… meanwhile, I get quite excited about books and I want to share that excitement with others who love to read.  I also hope that my blog can encourage more reluctant readers to pick up a book.  Blogging and reviewing are also ways I can give a little back to the authors whose work  I enjoy.  And OK, yes, I do get a little thrill when an author or publisher quotes a review – interaction with an author or publisher is like getting a little shot of bookish adrenaline.

I haven’t had much time to devote to my blog (my condo is small at 522sf but it was a bank owned “AS IS” property, so much of my spare time is spent fixing, organizing and thinking about fixing and organizing), but I am hoping to improve both the blog’s appearance and my management of it.  Primarily, though, I hope to improve the content and consistency of my reviews and other posts.

I would love to connect with other people who enjoy books, whether that be fiction or cookbooks or any other type of book I write about.  Online interaction is an aspect of book review sites and blogs that I find challenging. I am hoping that as my life settles down in this new home and city, that I will have time to devote to improving my blog and my interaction skills.  This is the primary reason I signed up for Blogging 101.

I’ll end this post with a question, and I do hope you’ll leave a response if you’ve stuck with me this far.  Do you think that cookbooks, craft/hobby and similar nonfiction book related posts would be suited to this (primarily fiction) book blog or would it be preferable to explore them on a separate blog?


10 thoughts on “Blogging 101 Day One: Introduce Yourself to the World

      1. When I had first come across the term, I too hadn’t realized how extensive it was 🙂 People are looking for past-experiences and know-how in everything they do, regardless of how good they may be at the very same skill. I’ve been using Photoshop for the last 15 years, but I still look for help when I get stuck with tools that I’ve never had the opportunity to use 🙂

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  1. Hi Yvette,

    You have a great blog. Thank you for sharing. I really like your blog name too. 😉

    My name is Celeste and I also am taking the Blogging 101 course along with you and I just wanted to drop by and introduce myself and invite you over to my blog as well

    Drop by anytime to say hello or just browse around.

    Welcome To Blogging 101 😉
    ☆☆ Happy Blogging ☆☆


  2. Great site! I think it would be helpful if you could categorize your books somehow. Maybe by target age and/or genre? I’m a semester away from being a K-8 educator myself (in my 30s – read your About page), and I would appreciate a way to sift through your book reviews, for potential read alouds and such.


  3. Hi Yvette, I believe you could review all types of genres here. Categorizing them would help, but you already knew that 🙂 Ps, have you read The Book Thief? I watched the movie before I knew the book existed, but either way, it is so worth reading!


  4. I take the course, switching my posts into English to get a look like your blog! I don’t have any feedback on your question. I just want to say that I love everything about your blog. 😀


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