Book Review: The 12 Brides of Summer: Collection #1 by Susan Page Davis, Michelle Ule, Amy Lillard

12bridesofsummerNo1_barbourThe Blue Moon Bride by Susan Page Davis

The Sunbonnet Bride by Michelle Ule

The Wildflower Bride by Amy Lillard

Inspirational historical romances often use adversity or natural disaster as catalysts for romance or an opportunity for the characters to turn more fully to God. These three novellas are no exception. For Ava and Joe it is a westbound train robbery, Malcolm and Sally grow closer in the aftermath of a Nebraska tornado, while for Grace and Ian it is love at first sight in the Ozarks.

When reading ebooks, I find it difficult to gauge length and often find that they feel much longer than print books. This collection is an exception to this. Though classified as novellas, these three stories were such quick reads that they feel like short stories.

While each story is complete, they do have a common failing of this form in that they feel underdeveloped. Nevertheless, these are perfect summer reads and I might even classify them as “beach reads” as they are quick, enjoyable and have satisfyingly happy endings. (Side note: Ian first appears wearing a kilt. Romance readers rejoice.)

This is the first of four collections, each containing the stories of 3 different brides, adding up to the 12 of the title (though technically, there are at least 2 additional brides, but they were secondary characters in this first collection).

This review refers to an ebook review copy read courtesy of the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. I was determined to limit myself to one NetGalley ebook a month, when this suddenly popped up on my screen and, since Susan Page Davis was listed as an author, I just had to request it. Before I knew it, I was up to 6 approved requests. With this review I am down to having four left, but then I saw that the next volume includes a novella by Mary Connealy was released July 1st and was available for request. Heavy sigh. Yes, I’ve requested it…

The 12 Brides of Summer: Collection #1 by Susan Page Davis, Michelle Ule, Amy Lillard | Shiloh Run Studios, an imprint of Barbour Publishing Inc., Jun 1, 2015 | NetGalley review copy


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