Do You Bookstagram?

With my recent lack of internet connectivity (and reading time and sleep – all a consequence of buying a bank-owned/as-is condo), I found myself starting a book-centric Instagram account (@yvette_bookworlder). It is a fun and quick way to share images and interact with other book lovers. Almost immediately, I joined in on a month long image challenge (#junebookchallenge15). Though I usually balk at “assignments,” I’ve enjoyed having image prompts (see above regarding lack of sleep) and may continue to join in on these monthly challenges. The bookstagram community has been welcoming, and I have enjoyed interacting and doing my first ever book-tag. I follow other accounts for various reasons.   I follow for beautiful images, interesting books and comments, and I usually follow back when someone follows me. On both Instagram and Youtube, the bookish communities seem to be predominantly populated by those in their teens and twenties. I actively look for older posters and avoid knowingly following anyone under 18 (I would be uncomfortable with my underage nieces and nephews having adult followers).   This is more difficult with bookstagrammers, whose ages are naturally less visible than booktubers. The books they choose to include in their feeds are not perfect indicators, as I know I am not the only person over 30 who disregards target age ranges when choosing books. So here is my question, do you bookstagram? What has been your experience with this community, and are there any bookstagrammers you would recommend?


4 thoughts on “Do You Bookstagram?

  1. Good morning, Yvette. Thanks for this info. (I was unaware of Bookstagram) Having just published a book, this is very helpful. I’ll check it out, although I am decades out of my twenties. I’ll be an anomaly!


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