Book Review: Germination (Feast of Weeds #1) by Jamie Thornton

The following review was previously posted on GoodReads and Booklikes. In exchange for posting an honest review and validating it on the author’s website, I recently received an e-book copy of Feast of Weeds #2, Contamination).  As I plan to read and review the second book soon, once life settles down enough for me to focus on a book, I thought I would repost it here: GerminationNew3This novella is a great introduction to what should be a very interesting series for mature YA readers. At approximately 80 pages of text in ebook form, Germination is a gripping tale narrated by one of seven runaways, Mary. In her narrative, and in her advice blog for potential runaways, Mary gives us a look at a time when a disaster in the making begins to spread. The blog is a great touch and part of how the reader understands Mary’s world. It adds to the feeling of authenticity that characterizes the story. If you enjoy apocalyptic (pre or post), horror, stories of contagion or just a well told tale then I would recommend you give Germination a try. This book does contain many of the realities of life on the streets for teens and the home environments that can force them to resort to running away, but without becoming gratuitously graphic, and this should be taken into consideration when considering it as a reading choice. Personally, I am looking forward to continuing this series. My thanks to the author for a free ebook copy, won through a booklikes giveaway, in exchange for an honest review. I only wish I could have said more without repeating the book description, which is quite accurate, and including spoiler after spoiler. Germination by Jamie Thornton; Igneous Books, February 2015, 94 pages; copy source: GoodReads First Reads


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