Book Review: Stuff Every Golfer Should Know by Brian Bertoldo

Title: Stuff Every Golfer Should Know

Author: Brian Bertoldo

Publisher: Quirk Books, Philadelphia PA,143pgs

Review Copy Source: giveaway

So, here’s the thing, I’m not a golfer. I’m not a fan of golfing. I’m not particularly interested in anything to do with golfing. But then Quirk Books comes out with Brian Bertoldo’s Stuff Every Golfer Should Know and puts up some giveaways and I am tempted because it is Quirk Books and I would so fangirl Quirk Books if fangirling publishers was a thing. Instead, I just stalk their giveaways.

I mentioned this book to my oldest niece, Justine, and she tells me how her husband, Daniel, loves golf and would love a book on golf. So I entered the giveaway on and actually won. And a green argyle covered book is on its way into my hands, destined to be an “aren’t I a great Aunt-in-law” gift (though with his birthday being clear in October, this will probably be a “just-because” or a “you’ll-be-a-father-someday-but-I’m-not-hinting” father’s day gift).

That said, I wasn’t as excited to get this piece of mail as I usually am when a package arrives with “Quirk Books” in the return address. Then I opened the package and it is small – I mean, I think I’ve had cell phones bigger (well, longer but not wider) than this book.

At 3.5” wide and about 11/16” thick, this is perfect for carrying around the golf course, putting it in a golf bag or a back pocket. Read a little history of the sport between holes, look up etiquette before or after committing a faux pas, get handy hints as you wait for your buddies to show.

This will probably be the only book I review without reading, because I lack interest in the topic. But I did skim through a bit, barely opening it so that it will keep that so-brand-new-it-hasn’t-been-opened feel, and it seems to be a straightforward and well-worded read. Overall, I am just so tickled with the physicality of the book and by how much Daniel is going to love it. So, I’m recommending it as a great gift book if you or someone in your life loves the sport of golf. 4 out of 5 stars for practicality and awesome giftability.

This review refers to a free hardback copy received from the publisher, through a giveaway, in exchange for an honest review.